Time / Key signature precautions

This is my first post! By the way many thanks to those who have created Dorico as it is a very inspiring software!
After hours reading this forum here is my wish:
I have to realize an exercices book for students in Dorico 3.5 and i 'd like to remove (circled red in the picture) only the key and time signature precautions . (Removing the whole signatures is possible but it isn’t an option for me) It would be really nice visually !!
And is there an easy way to make staves aligned, on the same level ?
Tank you very much!
Olivier (french cellist)
dorico exemple|677x500

Hello Olivier,

Make each exercise in a new flow; in that way you won’t get the time and key signatures.

There is no way to allign quickly (Yet) , but I believe this is On the team’s list to fix in a Future version

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:blush: Thank you Carlo !

What a fast and efficient reply !