Time-limited Pro Tools crossgrade offer

Pretty cool EH?


Yeah, now I’m startin’ to wish I owned Protools. :laughing:

Yes it is, I’ve been waiting for something like this. I have already started the process, they say it will take up to 3 weeks to verify my PT info.

Aloha guys,

Looks like the DAW wars are starting to get hot
(at least over the holiday season) and Steiny is
now smack dab in the middle.

Time to choose sides? :slight_smile:

You can still buy it and crossgrade. :smiley:

A quote from the webpage reads:- all Pro Tools 7/8/9 (except Pro Tools LE / SE)

So, no PT10 love…

By any chance is this offer Still available. I can see the crossgrade option in Steinberg Shop Cubase Pro Corssgrade for Protools.
If available, how do I get the benefit of this?


Plus you need to buy the e licenser key.

Thanks, just bought it :smiley: