Time line doesn't fit with actual tempo

A recorded 4/4 beat has its on beats at positions like 2.24, 3.24, etc, except it’s not possible to tell exactly because it’s not exact. It’s not possible to align the other instruments with the beat that way. The beat was done in beat designer, which is set to a tempo of 125, the same as the project itself. I don’t know what cryptic setting has been changed, if any, given most of the times no settings were altered before the program behavior changed.

For the life of one, what else should one think of other than setting the tempo to the same in both beat designer and the project?
The track is set to 4/4, since I thought perhaps it was caused by an odd time signature. Lol, as if it’d be that straightforward, or I learn that later versions address the huge amount of user issues, rather than just adding more features which can’t be accessed by someone that say is going through the record button or other obstructive issues. And it’s more than few seen on google.

In fact, it seems, and while it is a feature rich program, Cubase is ripe with issues that make no sense to the user, and don’t seem related to normal learning curves. I’ve heard the most convoluted explanations, like the need to set sync int to offline, or idle or whatever, in order to enable some basic functionality that one couldn’t possibly tell was related to it. I have just gone through a host of other cubase issues, including missing presets in Halion one that it didn’t find even when clicking ‘locate contents’ on the folder that contained them. And audio drop outs after only 3 tracks. It’s not even about the user interface, which apparently requires 3 clicks to enable a midi effect, and then 1 click to see the inspector again.
How much are you supposed to swallow when the only reason you bought the software was so that you could record your musical ideas. I’ve been looking into Reason which seems very elegantly laid out, especially the way its effects and plugins stack on top and connect to each other and can be scrolled through when there are many opened, all accessed via a simple right click command. They also don’t float all over the place, or end up beneath or behind other windows. Too bad it doesn’t support audio, but I’m fairly certain there are other ones. God bless competition.

Have fun with Reason. :laughing:

Just because you dig operation manuals better than music.

I’m watching Abelton live videos right now.

Wish I had a dollar for everyone claiming they were gonna jump ship only to return because there’s no comparison. :wink:

Yea and you tell that to the many pros that favor non cubase daws. And taking into account the fact that cubase has existed for like two decades? And yet pressing record sometimes doesn’t trigger recording? Wtf. It’s a sequencer isn’t it.

And Reasons rightclicking-> create v.s finding the right inserts item in the menu, clicking, selecting the effect, and then clicking once more just to get back to the inspector, which is a main widget and shouldn’t remain hidden just because you’ve chosen a plugin effect, as every second adds up, on top of the myriad of aforementioned issues and discrepancies. Which is more intuitive?

If after 2 decades they’ve a problem in creating intuitive software, you begin to wonder.

I’ve been looking at Reason prices. The stupid thing is that I’m contemplating getting an ipad just to get one of the many music applications and a sequencer for it which feels like a necessary redundancy, rather than spending hours upon hours searching a manual that provides no answers to half the problems you run into, just to be able to focus on music.

Given there are so many things involved to learn about regardless, who has time to figure out why stopping recording sometimes erases the entire recorded segment.
And the one where you press the record button and it turns red as if being activated, but that’s it. Nothing else moves and no recording takes place. Of course you can ask for help online, and sometimes wait days for an answer which may or may not be accurate, but that’s part of the problem. But it’s what I did, and learned from someone that ‘int sync’ had to be set to offline I think. Ok, but after that came other issues that last to this day. The mere latest being the time line to tempo mismatch, following having spent time searching through forums about Halion one not recognizing its own presets, which was preceded by the same thing with Grove Agent.

At this point I’d rather something simpler that works and that you can rely on to work than a bunch of bells and whistles at the cost of inconsistencies.

Also, short cuts like ctrl-c for copy don’t work, and I don’t know who or what disabled them. I somehow don’t think Reason, Abelton or Logic have all these issues.

For my portable music making I have an iPad2 with Cubase IC remote App, LoopMash and Fruity Loops (FL Studio) Apps along with the standard GB app of course.

Great way to get ideas down when they pop into your head while on the go !

But I would never dream of spending days and hours in a ‘studio’ hunched over a 10" portable studio.

A DAW is like a pet.
You can have a pretty one with fruffles and a pink lace leash that everyone says “ooh how cute, can I pet lil Fu Fu”
And you can also have a big black and brown monster that chases the milkman 1/2 way down the block and keeps your home secure… despite his lack of fru fru fruffles and TuTu

But to be honest with you - its 5am here and I have no damn idea where I was going with that one. So … umm… ya… LET THAT BE A LESSON TO YOU ! yeah :laughing:

Free Cubase IC remote APP in applestore (since you mentioned possibly getting an iPad and all) - might help your record button (after you re-format/install… its just faster than troubleshooting at 5am)


Did you think of FL studio when coming up with fu fu? Like in fru fru?

FL studio seems to fit with that. And it seems that even kids can master it yet it’s a full fledged daw, despite having a fruit image.

On another note, it hit me that they probably tried to make Cubase’s interface easy, since it’s pretty clean looking. But that doesn’t detract from sometimes having to push play in addition to record, to record. What’s next, pressing play and fast forward for playback?
The Sync entry in the manual doesn’t explain beyond that Sync either waits for sync or not. Yet it can have a decisive effect on whether there will be a recording that day, or not until days later depending on how fast one finds the answer.

I’ll shun Steinberg software from now unless it’s made by Yamaha. The annoying steinberg experience actually started with Sequel, which after having created tunes in Garageband in no time and without obstructions, I remember in Sequel not being able to hear audio at all. It was bad enough that I ended up creating nothing with it during the 30 day trial period. And that’s their beginner’s sequencer.

And no offense but this one by itself is insane: