Time-matching between drum live tracks


I’m working on cubase 9.5

I have a (stereo 2-track) live drum track that have been simply stretched (without being sliced) in order to slow down quickly its tempo.
Some music have been composed on this stretched drum track.
As you know, this method of stretching gives pretty bad results concerning the drum sounds.

I would like to create a new track that would exactly match the tempo of the previously stretched drum track, but using this time the slicing method, in order to preserve the original sound of the drums (so that I could delete the previously badly stretched drums and replace it with the sliced one).

In the timeline, I have :

  • the stretched drum file (already rendered file)
  • the instrument file (fender rhodes) playied on the stretched drums.
  • the original drum file without any stretching (muted because the tempo is too fast, of course).

How to intelligently align the original drum track without harming the sound (slicing method) to the badly stretched drum file ? I don’t know how to proceed…

Help !

If 9.5 doesn’t have free warp then it’s going to be awkward. Simple in Cubase 12

I can’t install cubase 12 because I’m still working on windows 7 x64.
I have to cope with Cubase 9.5.
How people proceed when Cubase 12 wasn’t there ? There should be a method that works even with Cubase 9.5, I presume. That’s what I’m searching for…

If someone could help, it would be very appreciated.

I used to chop the drums up but you don’t want to do that.

No. I would use something like automatic slicing, then something like auto-warping intelligently the silent parts between the sliced hits following a target tempo track. Something like that, I imagine, but I don’t know how to do that.
Anybody ?

No one have an idea how to solve this ?

Use “Create Events” on the original file in the sample editor/hitpoint section.
Then, in the project, manually place the individual events to the desired position.


Seems pretty straightforward to me.

Thanks a lot for your answer, but I 'm not sure you understood my question Johnny_Moneto…
Or do I simply don’t understand your technique… ?
So I will try to re-explain :

I don’t want to place manually tons of slicings.
The original file is 2 or 3 minutes long. It’s a drummer who playied an entire song.
I’ve stretched the file to re-use this drum mix in another song on another slower tempo.
But stretching the file had destroyed the sound.
I need to match the original drum part to this stretched file, but using another process without stretching the drum impacts (but stretching the micro-silent parts between drum impacts). I don’t want to manually replace individual drum impacts, I need the process to be automatic. Just replacing a bad processed one with a better processed one, based on the same original track sound, but with the bad processed’s tempo.

The two files, even if differently processed must match together in time. On the first attempt with simple stretching, the drum sounds are awfully stretched, when on the second attempt with the intelligent stretching, only the silent part will be stretched, and the impact will stay as they are. The problem is how to proceed to make them match…

I know this kind of thing can be done, but I’m not familiar at all with those processes. I’m quite old school and never used those warping functions, because most of the time during sessions if something’s wrong I simply ask the musician to do it again…
But this time I need to use modern techniques, and I’m simply lost ! It’s not working on an inidividual snare or kick, it’s on a whole song track (drums premixed only).

A video of a same case to treat would have been very helpful. I searched but unfortunately did not found such case, or at least something similar, like matching 2 tracks with different tempos. Not loops, but whole song.

AFAIK there is no fully automatic function. You’ll have to put in the manual effort. Whether you want to use “slice events” (I mentioned it because you mentioned it) or free warping is up to you.

Maybe somebody else around here with more Cubase knowledge knows an automatic way.
I don’t think you can create a Groove Quantize preset for a long file from the time stretched event’s hitpoints and apply that to the hitpoints of the original audio.

How do you know this?

Not automatically. I found with drums (my playing included as I’m a drummer) even accurate drumming can’t be fixed wholly successfully with an automatic process. You’ve probably spent more time asking the question than it would to manually add your own warp points and move about.

About what I said “I know this kind of thing can be done”, I should have rather said “I presume”.

I found an interesting video that shows how to adapt automatically a track with different tempo to another one. I tryied and it worked pretty well.

Still interesting to learn how to sync two files with different tempi together, but this method gives me the same warped sound as before as a new result !

Now I need to find the method to slow down the tempo without warp distorsion on the transients. I remember I did it once with snare and kick samples (as events) applied to another tempo and it worked pretty well.
The principle would be to slice all the impacts, then let cubase rearrange the placement of the slices (individual impacts) to the right placements on a different tempo, then crossfade the blanks.
What a pity I don’t remember at all how I proceed…
If someone knew a video that explains this method step by step, I’d be glad to see it.

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@FreeW This YouTube video might help. I believe you’re talking about the second method presented here:

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