Time reference metadata in wavelab

Hey guys, i have a unique situation where in I compose and render music for films from Ableton and import into Nuendo for audio post.
I want to insert BWF time reference metadata to the rendered stems so that I can import them at their time code position without manually doing it.

the bwf time reference is in the metadata tab (WL 11 pro), then it should do the job (assuming its all matching sample rates)

otherwise BWF toolbox does the job outside of wavelab, (you can adjust the BWF header to add the TC points)

Would you know how one would add the details here? There is nothing in the manual about the formats and the way it should be added.

You mean the format of the time reference? Just click on the up / down arrows to the right to see the format (hours : mins : secs : millisecs : samples).

FYI the time reference in Wavelab corresponds with Origin Time in Nuendo.

P.S. Wavelab seems a bit unreliable in this area since the time reference you insert under the BWF tab seems to get lost if you click on the OK button a second time.