Time Selection and Display Features

When selecting a portion of an audio file I would like to see how much time (in seconds) I have selected somewhere in the display.

Also, it seems to me that selecting a portion of an audio file should be possible without the inaccuracy of sliding the mouse. If a have the cursor at the beginning of my selection, I would like to be able to hold a shortcut on my keyboard and just click the mouse to set the end of the selection. This would be more like the behavior of many other editing programs for audio or text.

If there is way to do these things already please educate me. / Thanks / G


Actually you can already do this. I am not in front of a computer right now (so I dont remember the exact names for these settings/options) (I’m posting from my phone so I do apologize) but go over to the right(where you see the display settings) and select(where the options are) the setting in which any selection you make will give you exact dimensions of the spectral data in time seconds and even milliseconds.

I believe you can already do this. You can already create shortcuts however I’m not sure if snapping(based on one mouse input) could be added as a shortcut.

Check the Display panel options:

You can also edit the numeric range of that selection in that same panel.

Will do. Thanks!

Yes. I’ve added lots of very convenient shortcuts already. /G

You’re absolutely right. Works as desired.