Time selection tool + play = crash

Like it says; when having made a time selection and then push spacebar to play, SL11 shuts down immediately. Every time.

The project is a separated drum mix with something like 6 stems, stereo, 2496.
SL 11.0 and 11.0.10, standalone, MacOS Sonoma, M1, 64GB.

Could you please :
-Do a video recording of the moment it crashes, with your whole screen visible
-Upload here your crash report (the Apple report that appears right after the crash)

thanks !

Crash report & screen dump here., .mov clips not accepted, hence zip-file.

SpectraLayers-2024-07-02-134728.ips (113.9 KB)
Screendump SL11_480.mov.zip (2.1 MB)

Thanks, unfortunately the mov file is very blurry, could you provide at least one screenshot of the entire screen so I can clearly see all UI elements ?


Or should I PM you the .mov clip in high resolution?

Preferences > Display > Resolution

Set to x3 or x4. Crash when playing after selecting time.

Thanks, I was able to repro the crash using this step !

So it doesn’t crash when Resolution is set to lower than x3?
I always use x4, for maximum details view.

For now set it to x2 as the default settings in Preferences, and increase it manually when needed through the Display panel (it doesn’t crash this way on my side).

Thanks, I’ll try this as a workaround.

Yes, it works at x2 here to. Great.

FYI I was able to repro and fix the issue, this will be part of patch 2.