Time Sig Box - What Is This?

ANyone know what this is? It appears when I delete a time signature and it appears to show what the time sig was in some detail. Any way or reason do delete it?
time sig box.jpeg

Try deleting the barline immediately before the signpost. In most cases, you’ll find that the signpost disappears but the barline remains (or rather, the non-standard “normal” barline gets replaced by an actual “default” barline).

BINGO! That did the trick. Thanks!

It’s a “signpost.” You will see them for many other types of hidden objects in the score, e.g. tuplet numbers, hidden dynamics, hidden MM marks, etc, and also for things which don’t have any obvious visible notation, like forced system and page breaks.

It won’t print, so there is no necessity to delete it even if it is redundant.

True, but any non-standard barline will split multirests.