Time Signature and Beaming Issue (6/8 Time)


I am having some trouble with a 6/8 time signature that has a 3+3 pulse but many hemiolas.

As stated above, the majority of the piece has a [3+3] pulse. However, I am playing around with a lot of hemiolas and want them beamed as individual quarter notes, NOT [q, e-e, q] which is what Dorico is defaulting to.

I don’t want to go to 3/4 time because of the tempo and pulse.

(Screenshot attached).

Any ideas?


Sounds like a job for “Force Duration” (O command key) so Dorico will notate a quarter as a quarter regardless of its position within the bar.

Wow, thanks, don’t know how I missed a tool that’s right on the left side of the window.

Any way to retro-actively apply this tool, without having to re-input notes?

Unfortunately not, I’m sad to say. We do plan to make this possible, but it’s not possible today.

You can also change these bars to 3/4 and set the time sig to hide. That should change the existing music.

And, following on from what vilnai said, your 3/4 hidden time signature can apply to individual staves rather than the whole ensemble. Use shift-m for the time signature popover, type 3/4 then Alt-Enter to apply it only to one stave, then copy and paste (or Alt-click) to other staves.