Time signature change

Cubase 9, PC, Windows 10

Used to be I’d put the cursor at a measure number, change the time signature, and it changed it starting at that measure number (CB 7.5).

Now it changes the time signature for the ENTIRE project (CB 9).

What am I missing here?

Signature track changed at some point…presumably at 8 (I missed out 7 and 7.5)!

You have to draw in a marker with the pencil on the signature track and then edit the signature you want at the that point (unless it happens to be 4/4). Not particularly intuitive, why you just couldn’t click and write it in I don’t know…

I googled it last night and came up with the same answer. Thanks for the reply.

I primarily use CB to play backing tracks for my band live. So I’ll chain 15 songs together in one project for a pretty much non-stop 45 minute set. Put me down as wanting that 7.5 feature back. The time signature track doesn’t quite do the same thing as entering it the old 7.5 way. Changing the time signature track “pushes” (for lack of a better term) songs farther down the project off of beat 1. Say if you change one bar in a 4/4 song to 6/4 and then the next measure back to 4/4 the next song now starts on beat 3 of a measure when I had it on beat 1.

I have 100s of songs that I copy and paste to make these set lists up and non of them had a time signature track in them. Just a marker for the very occasional meter change. So with the 7.5 ability gone, I’ll have to add a time signature track to the 100s of songs to copy and paste the same way - not something I’m willing to spend the time on right now.

I haven’t played with the time signature track enough to figure out exactly how it “pushes” things farther down line, why, or what logic the programmer had in mind for that so my description may be a little vague/inaccurate.

Since I build my own click track, I can disregard the fact that while I’m playing and glance over the “1’s” are happening in the middle of the measures on some songs but I’m kind of anal on having things just right so as I said, put me down as wanting that 7.5 ability back.

Thanks again for the reply.

Hi, I do all my time sig changes from the tempo track. For example, if I have one bar of 3/4 in a 4/4 song, I pencil in 3/4, and then (to compensate for the “pushing forward” of subsequent bars), I pencil in the next bar to be 4/4. It all works well then.