Time signature changes problem

During the composition of a lengthy ‘classical’ piece of mine,with constantly changing time signatures, and needing sometimes to go back to alter a time signature (often for just one bar only) I am encountering difficulties - a 2/4 bar, for instance, that I may wish to change to a 3/4 bar, shows the change, but remains a 2/4 bar…

Welcome to the forum, phend. Make sure you engage Insert mode (shortcut I) before you add the new time signature.

There’s also a new feature in 2.2 in which you can use Shift-B to add any amount of rhythmic units to a bar. For example, you could click on a bar that’s in 4/4 time, Shift-B, and type “1/4” (one quarter note), and the result would be a 4/4 time signature with 5 beats in the bar… or the reverse, if you wish ("-1/4").

Great! Many thanks, Dan, problem solved! I was one of the first with Sibelius, now I harbour no more
thoughts of returning to it! Really enjoying Dorico.
Writing an opera I was searching for Rubato. Maybe it is there but as yet, I haven’t discovered it.

You can use Tempo popover “Shift-T” to type in “Rubato.” To change the tempo, with the Rubato selected, you can use the Properties panel (Ctrl-8) to change tempo. Or better yet, switch to Play mode and, in the Time track at the top, use the pencil tool to draw in the exact tempo changes you want.