Time Signature Changes

I’m a relative newbie to Cubase so perhaps I’m missing something, but I was unable to insert a time signature change following the published methods.
My understanding was that, with the cursor position set at some point along the timeline, I could change the values as shown in the transport control and that would insert the time change at the cursor position. Using the transport control it did change the time sig - for every bar, not just starting at the cursor position.
I was finally able to insert the change by highlighting the Signature track, positioning the cursor at the proper bar, then right clicking and selecting the draw tool. Then when I clicked in the signature track, it opened up a little edit window where I was able to edit the original 4/4 to 6/4.

I looked all over for a reference to this issue and was unable to find it - which typically means I alone managed to screw up some simplistic task. But the documentation is exceptionally well written, especially for music software, and it seemed pretty clear. It just didn’t work for me.

So this little writing is either an “issue report” or a Solution to an Issue or an irrelevant waste of disk space.
Make of it what you will!

Best regards~

They changed the way you way you can do this from version 8.5 (I believe). The feature of entering new time sig from the transport bar has now gone. You have to do it from the signature track as you’ve found. IMHO, not the best ‘improvement’ Steinberg has come up with.


Well, that’s comforting, at least. I do have to say, after years of experiences with everything from cakewalk to sonar to digital performer to Samplitude, so far Cubase has irritated me a lot less than the others.
I suppose that’s a back-handed compliment, but I’m sure anyone who’s spent any time at all with these things understands!
Given the software challenges, it’s actually amazing any of them do what they do.

Thanks for the response.