Time signature per voice

I would have to insert a time signature change for only 2 instruments in an ensemble score. These 2 change from 4/4 to 12/8 for a couple of bars and change back to 4/4 while the rest of the ensemble stays in 4/4/ all the time.

There must be a way to do this but I can’t seem to find it in the manual or in other topics.
Thanks for any help!

Dorico 3.5 - Win10

Short answer: use the caret and the popover and confirm with Alt-Enter rather than Enter.
This is detailed in the Procedure section in the manual here: Inputting time signatures with the popover

If you want the barlines to match between the 12/8 bars and the 4/4 bars, see this lengthy article which has a section devoted to doing just that (" Johann Sebastian Bach: Mein teurer Heiland, laß dich fragen"): https://www.scoringnotes.com/tutorials/masking-meters-creating-polymeters-metric-modulations-dorico/

@pianoleo : Thanks for your reply. The procedure seems to works for 1 stave.
Not very important for me at the moment, but I can’t seem to make the procedure work for more then 1 stave at a time. Maybe I don’t interpret “extend the caret to those staves” correctly?
Also when I follow this procedure, the barlines between the meter-changed staves and all other staves are being cut.

If the staves aren’t adjacent then Shift-Down won’t work for your purposes. You can always Alt-click/copy+paste independent time signatures from one stave to any other, though.

If the barlines are coincident, you’ll need to ensure that this Engraving Option is set correctly in order for them to join:

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@pianoleo : That did the trick, thanks!