Time signature plain font size in parts

I have a problem with font size of time signatures in parts. I’m using “Time signature plain font” for both score and parts. In the score I use large time signatures with a font size of 19, but when I go to the parts the time signatures are too large (see image). If I adjust the size to 16 they will fit into the stave, but then the time signature will be too small in the score… (of course I could make a copy of the project only for the purpose of parts-layout, but that feels so Finale’ish…). Skærmbillede 2021-04-13 kl. 11.43.43

How have you set up time signatures in the score - shown once per bracket? If so, you can use the scale size options in Engrave > Engraving Options > Time Signatures > Time Signatures Centered on Brackets to change the size of time signatures in the score without changing the font size, which affects all the parts.

No, I have “show at system objects positions” - I already tried adjusting the number in the box you mentioned but without any effect. However, your answer led me on the way to the solution: First I’ve set the font size so it’s the right size in the parts and then in Engraving Options I adjusted the number in “Scale factor for time signatures shown at system object positions” - That worked!

Thanks for the help and quick reply!

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