Time Signature popover suggestions

In Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite - Finale there is a part in 7/4
alternating between 3+2+2 and 2+2+3 with dashed barlines
like in Dorico’s Aggregate time signatures but showing 7/4. See image.
Would be nice if one could combine some of the options in the popovers.
Aggregate: 3/4|2/4|2/4
Specify beat grouping, but don’t show it: [3+2+2]/4
Aggregate but not showing beat groups: [3/4|2/4|2/4] so showing 7/4
In combination with Alternating time signature the whole Firebird thing could be written:
[3/4|2/4|2/4] + [2/4|2/4|3/4]
Perhaps some way to add if the Time Signature should be hidden also.

Skärmavbild 2017-03-10 kl. 19.58.41.jpg

Yes, I agree this would be neat. Hopefully we’ll be able to do this in future.

Thanks Daniel, can’t figure out how to do the Firebird part right now. Maybe just a checkbox in properties, “show dashed barlines at beat groups” would do. Then could use [3+2+2]/4