Time Signature Track in Cubase Artist 9

Hi i am planing to upgrade my Cubase Elements to Artist. I am a guitarist
who works with a lot of different time signatures and tempo. I used to use
Cubase 5 in my Institute which had Insert/Delete extra bars in the temp
editor which i was not able to find in Cubase 9 Elements. I did some
research and found out the feature is available in Cubase 9 Pro under the Time Signature Track. but i was
wondering if this Feature is available in Cubase artist. Just Making sure before my
Thank You.

I would review the Artist 9 operation manual to make sure what you want is there. Most of it is the same as in Pro 9 but a few things like auto recording time changes are only in the Pro version. Editing the tempo and time signature information starts on page 922.


Regards :sunglasses:

Thank you. I will check it out.