Time Signature Track

Hello people,

Today I was greeted by a rather confusing time signature track as seen below.

I can’t delete either of these 2 or move one of them to the next bar. Probably because Cubase doesn’t allow the first bar to be moved/deleted. Deleting the signature track and re-adding it will still show 2 time signatures at the 1st bar.

So far I haven’t found anyone with similar issues. I run the latest patch of Cubase 10 (pro), Windows 10 1803.
Did I randomly encountered a bug or am I overlooking something?

I managed to fix this by inserting a bar, which moved the double time signatures to bar 2, from where I could remove them. However it is still interesting to know how it got there in the first place.

Hi and welcome,

This shouldn’t happen. You shouldn’t see 2 Signature events at one place. And there is definitely a bug, that this happened.

There are known ways, how to make this happen with Chord Track (what also shouldn’t be the case). But I wasn’t able to reproduce this scenario with the Signature track by following these known ways from Chord track by using Signature track.

Hopefully it will not happen again.