Time Signatures, Beaming and Rhythms

I’m working on an orchestration of a piece which is in 8/8 in a 3+2+3/8 grouping of notes. There are a few instances where there are notes held by players for a number of bars where it would be nicer to read as just semibreves through the bars like this (on a suspended cymbal roll):

Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 19.35.12

Rather than how it’s defaulting to display it as this:

Screenshot 2023-12-17 at 19.35.49

I don’t want to change the whole time signature to make this work as there are things elsewhere which still need to be grouped in the 3+2+3/8 way, and inserting a 4/4 time signature into just that part and then hiding it doesn’t seem to solve it either.

Is there a way that I can override the beaming for specific bars?


Just use force duration (o) before entering the semibreves.

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Thanks Janus! What a neat shortcut! :smiley:

Follow up question - can I back date that? So if I’ve got bars of strings for example already written, can I do something to make them into semibreves rather than deleting them to the force duration function?

You can’t retrospectively tell Dorico to change all of those bars, but if you select each note, hit O to activate Force Duration, then type 8 to choose semibreve, that should get you where you need to go.

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Contradicting @dspreadbury … (at great personal risk!)

Select all the offending notes. Press U (to cut the ties), O (force duration ) and 8 (semibreve).


Yes, that’s very good – removing the ties is the secret.

Thanks @Janus and @dspreadbury - both wonderfully elegant solutions! (no personal risk here!)
Great stuff!