Time signatures - is what I am trying to do possible?

Hi everyone. Finally took the plunge and became a subscriber! I’m still quite slowly learning how to use Dorico (it’s extra slow because I’m new to composing via notation and not the best reader of music (yet)) but having lots of fun. Hope to get Dorico Elements soon too.

I have a question which might be illogical from the very beginning - I’d like to have one staff of my piece run at 4/4 tempo while the others are at 6/8. I’ve tried using Option-Enter but it changes the tempo across all staffs.

Is this because there’s something logically wrong with what I want to do? Or am I doing something wrong within Dorico?

The ultimate aim is to export MIDI files for use in Logic where I’ll then record the parts myself. Logic only allows one time signature at a time across all tracks (although there can be multiple signatures) so I’m wondering if this is something to do with MIDI.

Hope that all makes sense - quite hard to explain! Thanks again everybody and to the dev team. Your engagement and passion was a major factor behind me starting to go all-in on Dorico :slight_smile:

Welcome to Dorico, @beebeeveevee! Unfortunately, single-staff notations aren’t possible on the iPad. It’s possible you’ve read documentation for the desktop that describes this option, whereas the iPad page is here.

For a tutorial/example of how to use multiple time signatures in Dorico (on the desktop) if the total durations of their bars aren’t the same but you want the barlines to match, see here:


Thank you, Lillie.