Time signatures problem: Used in This Flow misleading

In short: I started a flow with 4/4 2 beat pickup bar. Dorico added 4/4 to “used in this flow” tool mouseover shows it as (irregular lenght 2, 4/4 (1, 1+1+1+1).

Problem is that using later a “normal” 4/4 does not get added to the “used in this flow”. Lot’s of mistakes until I remembered that the “used in this flow” is not the 4/4 I expected, sigh.

Maybe there in future versions could be a way to make pickup signatures look different in the “used in this flow” and allow all variations of same time signature to be added to the “used in this flow” menu? Option to remove items from “used in this flow”?

Or, is there already a solution and I missed something?

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No, you’re right that Dorico doesn’t currently differentiate between time signatures with different pick-up bars in the Used in this flow section of the panel. This is something we would need to address with a functional change in the software in a future release.

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