Time stretch / pitch shifting

Which app have a better quality time stretch / pitch transpose audio processing? Cubase 7 or Wavelab 7? THx!!

Cubase 7 uses MPEX algorithms. Wavelab 7 uses DIRAC algorithms. Both were developed by the same folks from what I understand (Prosoniq/DSP Dimension team) and are therefore very similar.

Thanks bane.

Any official word྄? :slight_smile:

All the best.

Isn’t Cubase also using Elastique now?

Yes that too. I think Elastique is mostly used for stretching audio when musical mode is enabled.

Elastic pro sounds much better compared to MPEX, that’s all I can say :slight_smile:


Any new thoughts on this matter? I have been doing some comparisons on one particular song, and I THINK the DIRAC processing may sound a little better…