Time Stretch without maintaining Pitch

Everyone knows the old chipmunk voice with timestretching, but how can you do this without having to manually timestretch then pitch shift ? Doesn’t sound good when you do it that way anyway, so i’m looking to do it the old skool way. I’m not even sure if Kontakt does it either.

Set the clip in question to “Elastique Pro - Tape” (in the Pool), then, in the Project window, set the Select tool to “Sizing applies Timestretch”, then just drag the bottom-right corner of the clip.

haha that’s brilliant, thank you very much.

Had no idea that was catered for. How good is the elastique algorithm :slight_smile:

pool window = + 1
and you can change easily the timestretch algo in the audio editor (next to the toolbar)
yes, “Elastique Pro - Tape” is very nice for old school sampling fx! great to have. :sunglasses: