Time Stretching increases gain by 4dB

I use the Process > Time Stretching feature to correct the pitch of recordings transcribed from cassette tapes, where the playback was too fast or slow. This means stretching the .wav file to somewhere between 98% and 102% of the original. I’ve done this a lot without any issue.

My first time trying it in WL11 and the stretching process is adding nearly 4dB of gain to the resulting audio, causing it to have peaks at +3.5dB. I expected some change, but but nothing like that. I’ve never seen anything that extreme before.

Has something changed in WL11?

Any suggestions for a time stretch method that would introduce less gain change? I do the stretching on rendered .wav files at Auto/Preview and Best (slow). Would a different algorithm be better for working with long audio files (90 minutes or longer) rather than smaller clips? Thanks.

A late error was introduced in the installer. You can simply re-download the current version 11.0.20, it’s build 102, and reinstall, to solve the problem.

Thanks, PG. Confirming that build 102 does not add so much gain. Thank you.

In this particular case, the time stretching still adds enough gain to bring the levels to +1.5db. Any suggests about how to minimize the added gain when using the time stretching tool? Certainly, when I render the audio, I can reduce the levels, but is there a better way?


No, sorry. You have to Normalize the level later.