Time Stretching MPEX Solo Musical lowers clip volume

I am experiencing a volume loss of several db when I offline process a clip with MPEX Solo Musical setting. I saw where others had this problem before in this thread.

I did not see any solution. Does anyone have a workaround?

I also tried to use Wavelab 7 to process my clips but it raises the audio level until it clips (by +1.1 db). Is this a problem in general with time stretching?

I’m using this with 96k 32 bit float wave files. I’m changing the tempo from 194.5 to 193.0 for vocal and guitar tracks.


Still having the same problem in 2014.
Flatten with MPEX reduces the playback amplitude of the waveform by several dB.

If there are several events on the same track, and Cubase does not allow MPEX to be used to flatten one of those events, then ALL of the events must be flattened using the “Realtime” algo, in order to maintain consistent playback volume of the track.

Or, you have to tediously gain up every event that was flattened with MPEX to match the level of events that were bounced with “Realtime.”

Bump- There is still no fix for this. :frowning: