Time stretching, pitch shifting, and vari-audio

Time stretching, pitch shifting, and vari-audio


  1. for putting 2 songs together, and synchronizing the beat, what is the best way to do this?
    or many possible ways if there are more than one, …

  2. for putting together 2 songs, shifting the pitch of one to match the other,
    any and all ways this is possible

  3. in vari audio, how similar to auto-tune is this? does vari-audio make auto tune not necessary basically? and in vari-audio can you paste a completly new tune into a preexisting variaudio segment or parts of a segment, to basically change the pitch of an entire selection to the pitch of a different selection. like also talking/speaking to paste a song melody onto this, is this possible, and how would you do it

    Thank you very much for any information any body can provide …

even if you can only answer one question, I would appreciate help with even one question only

Thank you…


  1. The best way (if the songs are similar) would be to make a tempo map out of one song, and then use Musical Mode to the second one to match to the grid.

  2. Tune or Fine-tune of the Audio event, in the Info Line.

  3. Auto tune is not necessary anymore, basically. And yes, you can control the pitch via incomming MIDI data, so you can make a new melody.