time stretching question

hello when stretching wav files by selecting the time stretch arrow icon and dragging a wav to stretch it, is there a way to select what stretch format its using, like Poly Fast or Poly Complex…? same question with when i change tempo of project and audio wavs in musical mode are stretched, way to select the stretch format?


Yes, you can select it for that particular audio file, in the Pool.
(although, question… are you dissatisfied with the default “élastique Pro - Time” algorithm?)

i want the highest possible quality when stretching, since i often do extreme stretching and creates artifacts lots of times
which is the highest quality algorithm?
and is there a way to make it so i dont have to go in the pool and do them all individually? i do this veryy often,

Yes… Preferences>Editing>Audio>Time Stretch Tool Algorithm. (All options apart from “Realtime” override the settings in the Pool)
As regards which is best, it depends upon the source material, so, that’s your call :wink:.