Time stretching to speed up audio file

This is my first attempt at trying to speed up a project. I have a track that the client would like sped up by 3 BPM. It is a band and all audio tracks. I have mixed it down to a stereo track, but everything i try in the time stretch mode doesn’t give me the result, so obviously i am missing something.The tracks are slowed down immensely. I need to preserve the pitch and quality, just bump it up from 132 to 135.

I tried the elastique Pro, elastique Pro Formant, MPEX Mix, MPEX Poly, with pretty much the same result, the tempo on all slowed to a crawl.

Obviously i am missing something and would appreciate any help fromone who has accopmplished this



Question #1: What method are you using to perform time stretch? (e.g. using Musical Mode and simply changing the Project’s tempo, or dragging the files (with the option “Sizing applies Time Stretch”), or opening the Audio menu>Functions>Time Stretch?)
Question #2: Have you made sure that the tempo of each audio file, as seen in the Pool, before applying Musical Mode, is the same as the Project’s tempo (in this case, 132 BPM, I believe?)
From what you describe, I can merely guess that Cubase thinks that the starting tempo was much faster.

Btw, I would recommend the first method… Elastique Pro is really excellent, and certainly for a speed bump of only 3 BPM should give excellent results.

Yes it sounds like the tempo of the original file/s is wrong in the audio pool… as suggested check to make sure they’re correct and all should work.
Elastique produces some superb results!