Time to open Dorico 3 : need comparaison

Is there somebody to give me how many times it takes to open Dorico3 on his system .

Every morning when I open Dorico 3 (SSD) for the first time, it takes 1’03’’ to arrive to the steinberg Hub.
Some setails the logo of dorico comes after 15". I f I look at the application.log:
Initializing Scoring phase 1 take 20"
Audio engine: Waiting for connection take 22" (I have a motu ultra Avb)
Error retrieving RSS feed take 6" (the computer in my music studio has no internet)

The second time and the other time when I re-open Dorico 3 i takes 45" to arrive to the steinberg Hub.
the logo of dorico comes after 15".
Initializing Scoring phase 1 take 20"
Audio engine: Waiting for connection take 7"
No more RSS transaction
other test with generic asio low and silence as playback doesn’t change anything: 42"
logo comes after 10"

For comparaison on the same comouter (windows,elicencer
Cubase 10 (SSD): 18"
Sibelius (SSD): 7"
After effects Cs5 (not on the ssd) :6"
Wavelab 10 pro (SSD) : 10" first time than 6"
Thanks and best regards
I suspect the transaction with the elicencer.

Hi Dup,

I’m on OSX with an old Mac Pro. I’ve also got Dorico 3 on an SSD. The first time I start Dorico up it takes 20 seconds to get to the Hub. The second time it’s 15 seconds.

Cubase 10.5 (SSD): 24"
Sibelius (SSD): 17"

Cubase used to load quicker but they appear to have added a series of license checks with 10.5. The ASIO driver is a Steinberg UR44. eLC Version

Windows 10 pro, 6-core I7 CPU, SSD - about 10 seconds.

Yes, I suspect that a good deal of the start-up time is taken with the communication with the eLicenser. Are you using a USB-eLicenser or the Soft-eLicenser? If you’re using a USB-eLicenser, is it one of the newer, shorter ones, or one of the older, longer ones?

Great thanks to you to took time to test.
As I have a lot of licence (all vsl and other), I’m afraid to put all in only one, I mixed them in three usb elicenser (two new short and one old long)
When I wrote this post, all my Steinberg licences was on the long one
So in the meantime I transfered the Dorico licence to a small elicencer one (18 licences in it) and try it alone: 17"
with two small elicencer : Dorico until the hub in less than 20"
But as soon as I plugg the long elicencer the time is again over 45"
So the verdict and solution is clear!

can you tell me what is the politic over the Elicencer, because it’s not clear!
For example: If I put all my licences on only one new usb elicencer (2 years warranty) and for exemple a thunderstorm with any electric problem destroy my computer or usb port, making the Elicencer unreadable everywhere… what’s happen to my virtual licence and proof of purchase? My I re-download and put them in a new usb-Elicencer? (obviously after sending the defective to syncrosoft)

Best regards

But I think that the audio engine connection could still be improved in Dorico?!

Steinberg offer a ‘zero down time’ scheme.


Our support staff will work with you to help you get back up and running in the event of a catastrophic failure of your USB-eLicenser. I suggest you move all of your licenses to one “stubby” USB-eLicenser and keep the other “stubby” one as a backup in the event that you need to recover them via the “zero downtime” feature, and discard the older, longer one.