Time Track in Cubase 9 Elements

Hi, how do I add Time Track in Cubase 9, same as in version 5 :question:

Go to Project menu, Tempo track

You don’t since it is not available.

It depends what you mean by “Time Track” if you mean Tempo or Signature changes then you indeed need to open the Tempo Track from the Project menu as Giovanni says. It’s not nearly as convenient as it is in Cubase Pro but does the job in most cases.

Hi, I wanted just like in the image, Time Track

But I wanted Cubase 9 Elements and possible?

As said before - no

Svennilenni is mistaken, as I said before, open the Tempo Track from the Project Menu. A separate window opens in which you can add Tempo and Signature changes as per attached screen grab from Elements 9.

The question was, if a tempo / time signature track can be added to the tracklist in the project window. And the answer still is: No

Yes, I meant the same thing.

Then I stand corrected and svenileni was correct. If you want exactly the same thing you’ll have to stay with Cubase 5. if you upgrade to 9 Pro you’ll get a similar ability to five but with Elements you’ll have to do as Giovanni and I suggested and open the Tempo editor window.