Time Warp Event Snapping Problem

A piece that I am working on has a guitar that does a ritardando in the middle of the song then returns to normal tempo. So the song is 110bpm up until bar 124, then the ritardando for 2 bars, and then back to 110bpm at bar 126.

Most of the tracks are already recorded, and this ritardando is just something that I decided to do now and I am unsure of what the best way to handle it is.

  1. I create a tempo track and set a tempo at bar 124 of 110bpm.
  2. I moved the events that start at 126 to later in the song just to keep them out of the way.
  3. Then I used Time Warp in (musical events follow mode) to stretch out 124 and 125 so that the next downbeat happens on the first beat of 126. That worked correctly.
  4. Now I want to move the events that I moved in step 2 back so they start on bar 126. But the snap is not working correctly. The events wont snap to whatever I set the Grid Type to be. Its like the events still see the grid as it was before the time warp.

I am not confident in the idea that I can manually line up the events to bar 126. The is a significant portion of the song, 7 minutes left to go so I dont really want to re-record all those parts.

Did I miss an obvious step to make this work?

I just tried it by using a tempo change ramp but the same problem occurs. After poking around I ended up gluing all the events so that they were one long event per track. That seemed to fix the snapping issue. My guess is that one or more events was not starting on bar which confused the snap. I think that implies that Cubase is trying to snap all the events that you have selected to the Grid Type, which I guess makes sense.

So I think the rule is that when moving multiple events, its better to turn them into one event.

If I get you right - selecting events after bar 126 did not make it snap?
Were you still in time warp mode, or?
I think ruler become orange or so then.

Doing video I expect to do a lot of time warp - so interested to know.
Thanks for tip.