Timeline for Pen Input

You know, I absolutely adore Dorico, however I feel my most creative in StaffPad. The reason being that for me (and I recognize this is very individual) writing in with a pen is when I can most easily be sucked into the “flow” of what I’m writing.

I loved that Notion 6 added pen input, however it didn’t use the same Windows Ink features that make StaffPad such a fluid experience (like the wheel, eraser/selection tools, etc.). Sibelius’s answer wasn’t all too compelling for me either. And so, regardless of all the capabilities of Dorico or Notion 6 I still find myself going back to Staffpad to get my ideas onto the page.

I’ve seen Daniel mention the possibility of adding Pen input later on in development, and so I’m wondering whether that’s still on the trajectory or could be a possibility at some point.

If Daniel has mentioned it is a possibility, then it is a possibility. That said, that would be major functionality and it would (at this point anyway) only serve the windows half of the market (although with the new OS upgrades on the Mac side, pen input via iPad as second screen is coming with native support). There are core features that some users are still waiting for, and this is more of a creature comfort, so I imagine (take me with a grain of salt) that any such support wouldn’t come for AT LEAST a year (D4 perhaps) but my gut tells me it would actually be longer. There are already multiple ways to input music so I’d guess this is low priority.

Developing our own pen input method is a very low priority. We would love, however, to build some kind of integration with a tool like StaffPad, though of necessity this has to be a lower priority than, for example, improving Dorico’s interoperability with Cubase.