TIMEOUT Error Message: Native Instruments BLACKLISTED

Hi first time posting here as I just jumped from Ableton Live 9 Suite to Cubase Artist 9. (Windows 7 64 bit)
Now I’m thinking not such a good idea as I’ve been met with nothing but issues.
Mainly the BLACKLIST of my Native Instruments Plugins on my laptop PC. (however everything works just fine on my Windows Desktop PC at home)

I’ve got A LOTof VSTs! but the only issues seem to be with Native Instruments (Komplete) staying on the blacklist. All the Komplete “mastering” tools like EQ, Compressors, etc show up just fine.
These are VSTs I have issues with:

KONTAKT (I really need this as I have dozens of purchased libraries)

They are 64 bit and pointed to the correct folders/paths in Cubase Plugin Manager (I know this from Ableton as everything works great there).

I keep getting this error message about a timeout when scanning: "a timeout may have occurred. Check if the the plugin is displaying a message or click “Cancel” to put on the blacklist (my only option).
Cubase VST Time Out Error.JPG
Even though I’m registered I went to fill out a technical support ticket but a blank field in the “mandatory” registered product window. Why won’t the registration window won’t display my product as my dongle & Cubase is registered? So here I am posting on this forum for help.
I even tried to uninstall/reinstall Cubase but I get a message telling me there’s Error opening the installation log file. Any help would be great. I see a lot of blacklist issues on this forum. thanks

i have found the “timeout” timer during scan is very short. some plugs take longer.
do not hit cancel…just wait.
this happened to me also with a few plugs…i waited and the window closed…all ok

I don’t know if this is related or not, but when I open Maschine as a vst in Cubase, I get an error if I try to open a Maschine project.

OMG IT WORKED!!! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Wow. I guess I just wasn’t patient enough on the scan and when it displayed an error screen I assumed it was done lol! That being said I’ve noticed all along my Komplete plugins usually take up to 5 minutes to load on my laptop. Not sure what’s up with that. However once they finally load they work fine. I store my libraries on a separate drive but I do the same on my Desktop PC with no issues at all.
For the record it took about an hour to scan all of them (including the FX, 16out, & surround versions of each plugin) but they are no showing up so thanks! :–)

This really worked. All you gotta to is wait only and the window disappeared. Damn man🤘