Time's Day Off

Here’s an old project recently made new. It’s basis goes back at least 10 years to Cubase Element 5 (I think). I’d never widely posted it here then, but I liked the song and vibe and thought to come back to it. Re-discovering it on disc led me to import it into my current version ( 11 Pro) to see what new life could be brought to it via my current skill set.
Nothing in the original involved softsynths. What’s still here from that are 2 electric guitars, a fretless bass, a Boss DR-880 drum machine, and an Allesis poly synth. I took out a couple of basses, and a steel stringed acoustic that were once there. Neither the drums or keys employed midi. They’d gone into Cubase via 1/4" phone cables. Along with those 10 year old parts, I added in a 6 string bass, nylon stringed guitar, and a softsynth from Halion that sounds kind of like a French Horn.
I then employed my Line 6 Helix Native to process my new recordings and to tweak the guitars and bass that I’d kept. Things I’ve discovered and learned over the last decade regarding sound processing were brought to several of the older parts, and everything got a new mix and new mastering.
The basic idea behind the song relates to the personification of TIME, and the idea that TIME literally takes a day off. You can see a little more of what I was thinking if you read the blurb on the bandcamp page. In any case, I’m happy to hear anyone’s impressions of this, along with any ideas about tweaks that might still benefit the track.
The original of this is still up on soundcloud. If anyone would care to hear that and compare it to this new one, let me know and I’ll provide a link.


Pretty cool! It sounds like we’re in another era. These are not negative remarks, but rather nostalgic I would say. We don’t hear technology, but very organic sounds and very natural instrumental playing, there is no quantification here except the regularity of the electronic drums.

I like the whole piece which seems imbued with a beautiful youthful naivety, both sonically and compositionally.

It is refreshing…

Thanks so much for your comments and impressions, Rene. I’m delighted by all of them.
I think that one of the great things about music or the visual arts is that they can be so transportive at times. That seems to be what you’ve suggested, and I’m very satisfied if I’ve accomplished something like that-particularly to a positive destination.
I definitely do go for a more live and “organic” approach too, in my compositions and recordings since my main instruments are guitar and bass, and I’ve done lots of live playing in my musical past.
I really appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment.
All the best,

Hi John,
First of all, we can feel the musician you are.
I love the conversation between Bass & Guitars, it’s smart, and direct to the point.
Rene is 100% right in saying “we don’t hear technology”.
I think this song should take advantage of more “breathing”. I don’t really know how to achieve that given the instruments flow, but if i was in you shoes, i will try to disturb the “linear” aspect of the song. Adding breaks perhaps.
Another option might be about taking more time, in the beginning most probably , to expose the Bass part (even with some specific intervention from the Gs, like small chords.) and then introduce the guitars parts (not the whole thing immediately, but coming and coming again while adding…) , and finally reunite them.

You have your own signature. I think i will be able to recognize you if you give me this song, without saying it’s coming from swetch.

Hi Stephane,
Thanks for listening and for your kind comments. I don’t expect that I’ll do much more with this song right now, but your suggestions make good sense to me, and I will consider them for future songs or a possible return to this one.
All the best to you,