Timestamp recording

Here’s a special question : is there a way to record audio with a defined timestamp ?

I mean recording audio as usually but as soon as you hit stop, the audio segment is delayed of a certain value in ms. Let’s say you want to have the audio to be automatically shifted 350ms earlier than the original recorded location, without having to do it manually after recording process. Does anyone know if there is some feature somewhere which could allow this ?

Thanks !

Hey, artmanjam,

You win the Enjneer Award for strangest request of the day!

Just kidding. I was racking my brain, trying to figure out why you’d want exactly 350ms offset… But we all have our own particular needs…

Can’t think of a way to actually have the recorded event move an exact amount like that automatically. You could offset the track with the offset Control (located right under the pan) by -350, then direct-monitor while tracking.

Hi Enjneer,

Thanks for the Award :slight_smile:)

Actually I don’t need 350ms exactly, that was just an example, just need 90ms but problem remains the same! That’s just the offset between record/playback heads of a tape recorder…

You’re right, there’s the track offset, that’s what I just found while seeking. That’s an easy way. Audio remains visually delayed on track so it’s a bit annoying for further editing, clip moving etc but seems to be a good solution. Recorded audio files have a timestamp as we can move the audio to original location. I guess changing this timestamp is not an available feature and should require some extra code lines…

Origin time can be edited in the pool.

Ah ha! So your tape machine doesn’t have the ability to do the sync/sel-rep thing?

OT: You’ve got the ability to do actual tape slap delay! You ever do that with your 90ms of delay?

You could probably use the Logical Editor to move the part(s) around specific amounts. You could then combine in a macro with Update Origin command in the macro to fix the new origin time for the audio. You can also assign a shortcut key to the macro which you press after you stop recording. Unfortunately you can’t combine all this with the stop command because the macro seems to fire before the new recorded parts become selected, so at that time it would find no selection to adjust :frowning: Still, two button presses, not too bad :slight_smile:


You can go to Device Setup:VST Audio System and change the record shift to up to + or - 100,000 samples (you want plus, it sounds like, which is earlier in time). To calculate 90MS in samples take (Sample Rate/1,000 Milliseconds)*Offset in Milliseconds=Offset in Samples.

At 44.1 that is 3,969 samples. This will also make the timestamp of the recorded file at the shifted location so you don’t have to update the file manually.

I made an Excel sheet for you just now if it helps at all.

Thanks guys, sorry, it’s a long time. Thank you skillet for the great sheet. I’ll try that !

I didn’t use the recorder for some delay but that’s a nice idea :slight_smile: Actually, I’m using The Clasp but I searched for some easy way to quickly and directly track to tape with a predefined timestamp. That’s it, I didn’t remember there was an available shift in Device Setup window…

Glad you found it useful. CLASP is pretty cool I have wanted to purchase that for years but still can’t afford it yet, so I mix and match when I can.

The problem I have found with “Update Origin” is that the command only works if you have one event selected at a time in the project window. I have found there is also no need to update the cursor position, which is a little different then what the manual states, which only indicates how to do it from the pool.