I have some audio which is less than a bar long and doesn’t end on a beat of the bar so I want to timestretch it so that it is 1 bar in length. However when I timestretch it and then create a duplicate to put in bar 2, this duplicate changes to the original length before I timestretched it. Even if I bounce the timestretched audio as new audio it still is only timestretched to a bar in length if I place it in bar 1 but if I move it to bar 2 then the timestretched audio shrinks to its original size less than a bar long. Is there no way that I can timestretch it so that it stays at it’s new length even when duplicating and moving to other bars?

How did you execute the timestretch? I just accomplished a timestretch on an audio file that was about 1 beat in length. It wasn’t centered in the bar so I stretched the front and back so that it was exactly 2 bars long. When I used the repeat function, it came out perfectly.

I clicked on the timewarp button in the sample editor and then dragged the end point of the sample to make the sample 1 bar in length, using one of the timestretch algorithms. How did you timestretch yours?

i think the procedure is to set the audio to musical mode, and it stretches itself to 1 bar, in most times. in the project window. if you select the bar, you see the properties almost on top of the window. i am formulating it not quite right.

just setting it to musical mode, and you can drag the end point, but you don’t have to, it sets itself right. choose the mode of the musical mode, if needed.

I simply used the mouse cursor. If you have it activated in your prefs, right clicking on the arrange page opens the tool box. While you have it open, hover over the pointer tool, left click on it while holding the right button and it gives you 3 options. The bottom option says “sizing applies time stretch”.
Click on that option and your pointer will now have a little clock attached. With that, you grab the little lower end box on the audio file and stretch to where you want. Use your snap function to have it precisely lock onto any bar.