Timing Correction of Audio Recording

Hi, I’ve just recorded a shaker and want to correct the timimg. Could anyone tell me the best way to do this? I don’t know if I shoud be quantizing or audio warping. I feel utterly confused by the manual! Many thanks

depends on the correction needed…

I really love free warp, which lets me adjust single hitpoints.

how many corrections are needed? whats the timing you want to adjust?

Hi, thanks for your reply! It’s a straightforward sixteenth note part throughout the song - I don’t really want to go through it all manually adjusting each beat as there are quite a lot of beats that are slightly out.

first thing that comes to mind is:

select audio part,
-go to hitpoints menu on left side
-set your threshold so that all shaker beginnings have a hitpoint ( sometimes, it does this incorrectly, so you may have to *edit hitpoints manually(some)
-create slices

  • go back to arranger, select your chopped file and quantize (Q key on keyboard)

If there is a way of doing this without slicing, lets hear it pls=)

Quantize with audiowarp (but the phase isn’t always preserved).


I found that especially shakers have a “mushy” attack, so some hitpoints might be on the slope and some end up on the peak. Might be different with 7.5.20 (improved hitpoint detection), but I haven’t tried myself yet. Just move the minority to where the majority is (slope or peak), quantize and then slide the event for the right feel (ahead, in the pocket or laid back).


If it’s a shaky shaker in a quantised midied up track, say, find a section (or three) that is pretty accurate. Bin the rest to a spare (muted) track. then copy the accurate section as many times as needed to fit the track.

If you want to fit a midi track to the shaker track then Merge Tempo From Tapping is your friend.

Yes I agree that would be the way to go check out the 7.5 promo video:


Click on workflow enhancements…

Cheers :smiley:

Quick question: Why slice anymore? Just for phase coherence? I know, important, but for a single shaker track?


I’m thinking that’s the way the program was designed I believe all software that do that works like that… Chops it up in little pieces/hit points and quantizes it. It doesn’t matter it only sees audio. Shaker or performances.

Hi guys, thanks for all your replies. Here’s what I did in the end:

Edited hitpoints so all the shaker transients were marked,
selected ‘create warp markers’,
activated musical mode

Voila! The shaker is in time!

“Look Ma, no slicing!” :slight_smile: