timing problem on export audio

recently some of my projects are having problems on export audio timing,

cubase 7.5 on win10

so here’s the picture of my problem, I export one midi track to audio several times and import them back to cubase, the first audio track were using normal export function, second track was export with real-time, third track was export with “contrain delay compansation” on.

without “contrain delay compansation” the exported audio timing are all off, but “contrain delay compansation” will disable some of the plugins in the project so is not practical for me, I never have this timing issue before and this only happend on some of the projects, does anyone know what’s wrong?


This is normal for all digital music software/hardware. This is caused by the way, how the digital world works. What is the ruler? What is the timing? How far are these notes?