Timo: Are the devs aware of blackmagic cards video issue?

Hi! This problem has been going since version 8. I was hoping a lot that in Nuendo 11 it’ll be gone but unfortunately it’s still here.
Just to remind: it’s the bug of video playback on blackmagic cards in Windows(on Mac it’s ok as I remember) regarding smooth playback. Usually video plays ok, but sometimes (on third or even second pressing space) it does twitching playback like the video has only 15-20 frames per second. I absolutely can’t sync ADR or foley when the issue appears. I can stand all the issues of my workflow in Nuendo, I’ve already fixed the most of them making macros and interfaces for iPad which makes my work 10 times faster, but this one is something I just can’t stand. I tried to find external player with MTC support that can play directly to blackmagic video card- no success, tried to sync to Davinci that plays the same video with no problem- Davinci has no external MTC sync. I think the last thing I would try is to start Pro Tools and Nuendo simultaneously, send MTC from Nuendo to Pro Tools and play back video in Pro Tools which plays it correctly without any “frame-drops”.
So my question is to Timo I think who is person in charge here: Are developers aware of this issue and if so is it on todo list?
I have to say again that correct video playback
is most important thing for my workflow and I apologize for my irritated tone and a certain disappointment. Nuendo is still the best DAW for me, with deep respect to developers.

You should tag your post with the “issue” tag.

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