Timo or someone: Select mixer before key command

Are you planning on changing this?

Just so you understand what I’m talking about:

  1. Right now we have to be in the mixer for the mixer-key-command to work (such as bypass inserts for example). There are many times that we’re in the project window and want to change something in the mixer, such as bypassing inserts etc. How on earth is this convenient?

  2. In order to get there we need (at best) to use another key command to select the mixer - more clicking!

  3. On a single screen system our mixer now covers our project window.

  4. Suppose I decided to use the “return” key for a command assigned to something specific but not related to the mixer, like “play”, then whatever you pre-programmed “return” for in the mixer pane will take precedence when in the mixer, right? It would be good if you pointed that out to people so they didn’t waste time using up keys you’ve dedicated to what you think is more important (and breaking with the principle you’ve had up to this version of completely assignable key commands). So if a person decides that using the “return” key is convenient for the “play” function in the transport, then that person is wasting time because once in the mixer you’ve decided that should mean something else.

Different types of work (dialog editing/mixing etc) makes me use different configurations of input devices; dialog editing: left hand on Contour Shuttle, right on keyboard; mixing: left hand on keyboard, right hand on trackball/fader. You’ve now taken away possible key commands or required duplicates simply by setting the ones I mentioned in stone and letting them take precedence.

  1. If I have to click in the darn pane to begin with in order to get your pre-programmed key command to work why do you think I wouldn’t continue using the mouse/trackball while I was there anyway and instead switch to the keyboard?

    This all seems very poorly thought through on your part.

Are you planning on changing any of this or are we stuck with it?

Thanks for suggesting this Lydiot. Since the most of the key commands have exclusive functions it is a drag to have to click the window 1st before being able to use the command. It would save me many clicks to not need the window in focus for the key command to work.