Timpani glissando (pedal)

Greetings all,
I feel I’m missing something simple here, but I am doing a copy job and it has a whole note tremolo in the timpani that over the whole note, not in specific time, has the note gliss from f# to a and back. I can’t figure out how to do this in Dorico, but feel I’m searching on the wrong words. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I hope the attachment works, I haven’t had to do attachments in the past, but feel that this would help quite a bit.

Thanks in advance,

What is the time signature? 4/4? That would determine how I’d do it.

If so, here’s what I would do:

  1. Note input
  2. Set to quarter notes, turn on Force Duration
  3. Tuplet, 9:4
  4. Switch to whole notes, input whole note, then quarter, then whole
  5. Hide the number and bracket
  6. Now you can add the gliss, dynamics, and tremolos as needed.
  7. Set the quarter to cue size and hide the stem in Engrave.
  8. In Engrave mode, use the round handles to move the notes in Note Spacing.

Playback won’t be accurate, but it’ll look like what you want.

If it’s a different time signature, the only thing that would change is the ratio of the tuplet, perhaps.

it’s also possible to enter the A in a different voice and then use (straigtened/modified) slurs as gliss lines. (since gliss’es don’t work between voices…)


Thanks to both of you. I’ll try them both. Here’s another image that gives a bit more reference. The timpani is really meant to be not in time with everything thing else, which is another part of the problem. I would re-notate, but the composer died some time ago and I can consult with him, so I’m trying to stick as close to original notation as I can.



That’s still no problem. If you want pitches to align exactly as they appear in the score, use open meter… and in the first bar, make the tuplet be quartet note 5:1, and only include the whole note and the quarter. Then add the next whole note separately, as a 4:3 quarter note tuplet.

I’m missing a setting somewhere and I don’t know where. I followed your instructions and have mostly got it. The problem I have now is that the tuplets are showing the whole notes as dotted quarter tied to quarter, and I can’t seem to find a setting to change it to whole note. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.


You first need to turn on Force Duration (O), which forces Dorico to display the durations exactly as you enter them.

Thanks for the help. I misinterpreted one of the instructions. Got it, for now. May change it later if I can figure out how to float meters, but I need to push forward now! Very grateful.