tiny bug

when opening multiple files, dragged from finder, sorted by name, for example 1_1, 1_2, 1_3 etc the first file doesn’t seem to get placed right in WL - at the left most side. All other files are placed in correct order.

You mean, not inserted at timecode 0 ?

No its the way the files are lined up the file file / edit window (check screenshot). It doesn’t seem to happen every time though. I just tested it where if I drag multiple named files to the WL icon, WL closed, the first file (01) gets placed at a wrong spot. The others line up nicely.

When dragging the same files to a already open WL everything works fine :smiley:

In this example the “01…” file was placed between 18 and 19 :smiley:

I will fix that in 9.0.20