tiny cubase 7(.5) workflow enhancements appreciation

i do hate the mixconsole with a passion.

there are, however, some very welcome almost unnoticable improvements that would be fair to give sb credit for (and i am sure i have missed some).

for instance, when zooming vertically, previously (in c6 still), the selected track would get gradually move out of screen whilst doing this. it now stays locked where it was when zooming, cool!

another thing i noticed was, when using background colour modulation to display waveforms, using it in conjunction with the range tool was impossible because the range tool’s colour wouldn’t display over these waveforms for some reason (=it was impossible to tell what range is getting selected). i see this has now been fixed.

there is a snap off realtime modifier for when you’re moving an event and decide all of a sudden you want the snap off, without releasing the held event.

good stuff!

except for the mixconsole.

How do you do that please?

Command key is the default modifier on Mac.

Ah yes - Thank you

I like all the things you’ve said, and I also love the MixConsole.
Just for the ability to zoom it horizontally (and vertically) it’s worth it.
Zones and visibility is another nice plus. More compact insert and send section is also great.

I love the mixer zones. Could actually use one more, just for drums. So there’d be 2 mids, and 2 edges.

BTW this seems to interfere with the default ‘constrain horizontal/vertical’ movement key when moving events. what happens when you want to limit movement horizontally, but at the same time keep snapping on? i found it’s holding ctrl & alt that will both constrain movement to either axis, and not temporarily turn snapping off. but since ctrl & alt is also the default modifier for slip-editing, you first have to press the ctrl modifier, and only add the alt after so you avoid slip-editing. BUT- that alt triggers a duplicate copy command, so…