Tiny Feature Request: Do NOT Lock CD Track WAVs For Writing

Hi Philippe,

Joyeux Noel and so forth… :smiley:

I have a looooooooooong-standing feature request which goes back 10 years. Pretty, please, consider this for WL9…

If you have a CD Track List open (I forget the proper name ‘quick CD’?)… not the WAVs… just the list… all the member tracks (ie. the WAV files, are locked for writing. Can you -please- stop doing this?

Use Case:

I’ll frequently want to leave WL open with a CD Track for burning tests as I work on a big project. I -also- have Cubase open. If I leave the CD Track List open and switch to Cubase to do an Export Audio, it will fail with a ‘Unexpected Error’ msg. The ‘unexpected error’ is simply that WL has the WAV I want to render locked against writing.

Obviously, I wish Cubase had a more informative error msg… but that’s not your problem.

What I -would- like is for WL to not lock the files in the CD Track List so I don’t have to close it and re-open it every time I run an Export Audio in Cubase.

Is this possible?

Thanks for your consideration and as always, thanks for making such a great product.


There are plans for better Cubase/Neundo to WaveLab connections, for WaveLab 9.


…hang on a minute. That’s pretty vague. :smiley:

But I choose to be optimistic. In any case, if you could just not lock files for writing which are not actually -open-, I’d be more than happy. :slight_smile: