Tiny Mouse Cursor Problems

same problem , any fix ?!

I have same problem here… on Windows 10 creators update + Cubase 9.5.1 Pro … Any fix?

nobody answer us :frowning:

This is actually a bug in Windows 10. All custom cursors are not scaled automatically for non HiDPI-aware applications.
We are aware and working on that issue but it might take a bit.

Hi Ed, thanks for the info, please do what you can, this is driving my crazy!

Got me too. Very annoying. Any news?

I went through all the possible solutions and finally got it solved for now.
The problem is Win10. I was able to test out the previous Win10 releases one after the other,
and the most current version of Win10 that does not have the issue with small cursor icons
in Cubase 9.5 is WIN10 Redstone (1607).

With Version 1703 (Creators Update) the small cursor icon problem started and it has not
been solved yet by Microsoft, so I am using 1607 from now on. The only important thing
is to deactivate the automatic update service to avoid Windows being updated to a newer revision!

You can still update your Win10 Redstone 1607 with update packages specifically provided for 1607:
This way you are still up to date for security gaps. I will do that until the support for 1607 is over
and hope that until then the issue has been fixed by Microsoft or has been adapted by a Cubase update.

And the other good thing with this solution is: The deactivated Automatic Update Service in Win10 does not block
your Windows Defender Updates, these still update as usual.

I know it is frustrating to setup the whole system again, but once youre through i would suggest to create an
image of the whole system then at least you have a good starting point and if any future update leads to
problems again you can recover this stable state.

Does the latest April update fix scaling problem in Cubase?

Just downloading Cubase Elements 9.5 Demo on my Online Machine to check this.
Update: Nothing has been fixed. Still the exact same behaviour.
After cold start icons are small. After log off - log in / or after reboot, the icons
stay normal. Tried on a 4k screen with 150% scaling and also with 100% scaling.
In both cases the problem still exists. So also Win10 1803 is no solution.

Yes, I can confirm that nothing’s been fixed too. Steinberg, is this something that you’re working on with Microsoft? Are they at least acknowledging the problem?

Yes. CAN-13172

in Cubase 9.0.30 i STIIILLL have this problem , its insane

Having the same problem, on 43" acer monitor. This slows my working down a lot. Where’s the fix?!

As mentioned earlier, this is a Windows bug. Custom cursors are not scaled automatically for non HiDPI-aware applications. We are working on a Cubase supporting HiDPI environments but that is a bigger task that won’t happen with a maintenance release. That’s why the honest answer is that it won’t be addressed during the Cubase 9.x life-cycle most likely. However, another option would be that Microsoft addresses this on their end with upcoming releases of course.

In my case, I reinstall a nvidia graphic driver, then fixed.

No solution to this, still? :cry:

This thing drives me crazy. I run a rather dark color scheme to ease my eyes but finding that little black bugger or a mouse pointer, say, in velocity control track is frustrating AF. It’s barely a few pixels big. Running 4k on 43" TV, up close and it’s still next to invisible.