TIP: Control Room insert Plugins add latency to VST instruments

If you have any plugins in the Control Room inserts, EVEN IF THEY ARE DISABLED or TURNED OFF, they can introduce latency when playing a VST instrument. You have to remove them completely for the latency to go away.

I was trying to figure out why there was quite a bit of latency on a new MacMini M2Pro with a ton of RAM.

Even with a new empty project with no tracks or plugins, the sound from Halion Sonic would sound noticeably after you pressed the key, regardless of which MIDI controller was used.

It turns out that Control Room Inserts (which are awesome) are carried over from project to project, and there were a few in my Control Room inserts—they were turned off, but the latency still occurred.

Once I removed them completely from the Control Room inserts, I was able to get incredible results from stupid short audio interface buffers (32!).

So if this happens to anyone else, you can find the answer here.

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Turning off and disabling the plug are the same thing aren’t they?
Can you be more specific what you are doing to turn the plugs off?

Bypass doesn’t remove the plug latency same as in the mixer but alt/bypass on the insert slot (or power button on each plug) most definitely does here on Windows.

No. Disabling the plugins (so they were grey) did not affect the latency.

The only way to remove the latency was to [remove/delete/select “no effect”] all the Control Room insert plugins (new empty project, one track of Halion Sonic, no other plugins apart from the control room plugins).

Not sure about windows, this was just my experience on a MacMini M2Pro running OSX 14.5 / Cubase 12.

That’s likely a bug I would think…C12 disabling also works fine on Windows and can’t believe it would intentionally be different on Mac.

Control Room inserts are independent of projects.
It would not make that much sense to configure the environment within every new project.
And turning the plugins off, removes them from the signal chain.

That was not my experience. Turning them off did not eliminate the latency, Only removing them did.

It is working as expected.