Tip: Free Synth Tutorials

Don´t know if you have found this guy yet and as he is a Logic user himself he is not very likely to appear in a Cubase forum. Pluginguru (http://www.pluginguru.com), an alias for John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl, has made a lot of tutorials on synths. They are all FREE and available through the given web site. The tuts are mostly on Native Instrument synths like Absynth, Razor, FM8 and Massive. But you also find Sylenth and other stuff there as well.

He also makes, and sells, patches for several synths and I can recommend the one for Omnisphere.

He just made and released a huge drumset for Kontakt (for sale).

I have no personal knowledge of the guy and I do not receive any fees marketing this, but I think guys like this, giving away work for free for others to improve and succeed, deserves all the credit they can get. Yes I know that the free stuff also is a marketing tool for what´s being sold on the site, but you are not obliged to buy anything.

and what has this to do with C7 exactly ???/

If you cannot link it, you’re not in the target group.

this has absolutely nothing to do with C7 ,as you quote yourself , this person will never be in the Cubase forum as he uses logic and as you have stated all instruments are NI and NOT Steinberg native synths , if you wanted to post then I would of thought vst instruments would be the place to post this and NOT c7 !

Who made you the police of this post? You can just drop to read it if it troubles you.

Cubase is a host for other software or like a foundation of a house on which we build. Improving on the “rest of the house” to become better should be relevant, at least to someone.

It was just a friendly tip, you can take it as that, or continue eating lemons.

No police here :laughing: Im just stating FACT that this applies to every single DAW or standalone and NOT c7 specific and grow up with your childish snobby insults ! :unamused: :unamused:

Please, lighten up g-string. The OP posted a recommendation that could be useful to many Cubase folks. Also no need to get personal by casting aspersions on the OP’s level of maturity.

sorry and you are ???

SteveIn Chitown…is a long standing member of the forum, along with myself, which brings to mind the all important “Human Trait” that seems to be missing quite regularly here.


The O/P should have of course read the “framework” about posting. There are mods who will in due course remove the thread. At least there should be no need for any insults or flaming, about a seemingly polite post at the very least.

cheers for you input discoworx but I too have been on this forum since it started but just because I change my name that is no reason to belittle me in the manner you are because of post count and date .
Now if everyone of the 31000 members on this forum recommended someone or something that was not directly concerning C7 this forum would be in complete chaos ,that is what I was pointing out and if someone tells me to suck lemons then …

and I standby my original post

not a C7 synth in sight

Of ocurse its a “plug”…& I can reassure you I wasnt belittling you …certainly wasnt intended as such, just hoping that we should “go easy” as opposed to the " vehement tirades" we have seen over the years.

just a reminder of why sometimes many of us “old skool” can get frustrated/tired if these types of forum posts…

Leave to the mods to “correct:” while we sit happily back at the “removal mens” extra effort. :wink:

Aloha R and thanks for the post/info.

I too could not open the link so I ‘googed’ it
with no probs.

And thanks to ‘Skippy’. for sharing.

Both of my parents worked in music stores all my life

Ahh! Been around have you?


But since some people are more equal than others, not all rules apply to everyone - just like in real life

The Plugin Guru rocks ! I’ve watched most of his vid’s and I’m sure most programmers that visit him will love his musicality
if they haven’t yet be aquainted, so Kudos !!