Tip If You're Missing Plug-Ins

After installing C8 I opened the default program, added my custom VSTPlugins folders and asked it to scan… first the non-JBridge folder (to see if JBridge was still required) and then the JBridged folder.

And after both scans completed I had -many- plug-ins listed as ‘missing’, including products from IKMultimedia, NI and u-He among the bigger names.

So before scheduling some verbal whup-ass (which really helps with SB, right?), I did the following:

  1. Remove custom plug-in folders.
  2. Close Cubase to save settings.
  3. Re-start C8.
  4. Add custom VSTPlugin folders back but do NOT scan.
  5. Close Cubase to save settings.
  6. Re-start C8.

…wait 20 minutes for tedious scan. And…

The plug-ins are back. :slight_smile:

So apparently there is ‘scanning’ and then there is ‘scanning’. And at least with the start-up scan you can -see- what’s happening with each plug.


I had a similar experience. C8 wouldn’t see my toontrack plugins despite correct path. It found them after restart not by using the scan.

I also had similar problems & had to keep adding the search paths over again every time I opened a new project. After 1/2 a dozen times it seem to ‘remember’ the paths, then they remained as selected, a bit strange.

Thanks for the tip. I tried scanning and after 15 minutes I checked Task Manager and C8 was using just 1% CPU very intermittently. Forced a close, restarted and bingo my plugins were found. Go figure…

Yes, there’s definitely something not quite right here … I think the safest thing is to hit the “reset” button, quite Cubase (to force a save) and then re-add the custom folder(s), and quit again.