[Tip of the day] Move HALion Sonic SE from C:\

I don’t know why but I never got the chance to select a installation folder for the content of HALion Sonic SE??? :open_mouth:


To keep my C:\ OS disk nice and tidy I keep everything not OS elsewhere, like sound libraries.
After installing HALion Sonic SE I found a bunch of extra gigabytes on my C:\ :astonished:
Here and in the subfolders
C:\Documents and Settings[insertUserName]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content
The were also a bunch of shortcuts with the same name as the content files
Those where pointing to the “real” files in that same folder so I thought I could re-point them a little.
I moved the *.vstsound files to my library drive and [CTRL]+[C] copied the path to the folder for VST Sounds.
Then I moved back and used [alt]+[Enter] on all the shortcut files to go to the properties (better than double clicking on them but really the same).
I replaced the old path that pointed to the same folder and [CTRL]+[V] pasted the new one.
Now all the content files are in their proper place and HALion Sonic finds them.
And my C:\ drive is clean again :sunglasses:

PS. For some reason there are TWO folders in
C:\Documents and Settings[insertUserName]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content
with content files for HALion Sonic SE???
If you try the above procedure you can copy one of the shortcut files to the folder with only contend and no shortcut files. Duplicate the shortcuts and rename them so you have one shortcut for each file and then those should be good to go to. It works here.

Thanks for shaing this information. I don’t like having sample libraries on my system drive either.

yes, as I use a smallish SSD revodrive for my OS I like to have any sample content etc on other drives so i can keep my C drive small thereby making ghost images easier/quicker.

It does seem a shame that we can’t choose at install a separate location,because that’s quite a fiddly work around.I had terrible trouble with the grand 3 when it came out because of this.


I’m pretty shure you CAN choose the folder: my VSTSound folder with the HalionSonic .vstsound files (=the actual content) are on my data drive (D:), never had to move them myself. If I remember well, during the install procedure you get a dialogbox with an entry for every component you wish to install (Cubase 6, Loopmash content, HalionSonic content etc) and a custom-button (or something like that) next to each entry.

I don’t remember the exact names, I did the install 2 days ago and it was a smooth, fast procedure so I didn’t pay much attention. But i DO remember having modified the destination folder for the vstsound content to D:\data(etc.) during the installation.

mmm … I had some hick ups during installation with the installer telling me some of the content was already installed (which it was) and some *.msi file was not the required one but eventually I thought I had everything installed. Maybe I woohoo-ed to soon?

Did you make your installation with no previous Cubase version on the computer or did you update?

Anyways, if somebody did it all backwards like I maybe did, this could be is a remedy! :smiley:

Since I read in some FAQ that you can install 5 and 6 side-by-side, that’s what I did (looked safer): didn’t uninstall Cubase 5.5.2, and installed Cubase 6 in it’s own “\Cubase 6” folder. So there were indeed some entries in that dialog box stating “content already installed” (I think Loopmash content), which was normal.
I don’t remember though if there was another dialog box first, asking full install or custom install (or something similar), maybe that’s why you didn’t see those options?

Yeah, I’ve still C5 … but I think I can safely remove it after taking a peek at C6. It leave it there for a month or two though …

that was my plan too, but now I’m a little worried: since C5 and C6 seem to share some content, I hope the C5 uninstaller won’t cripple the C6 installation…

yea even though I keep my samples on a separate drive I still always let cubase install it’s own stuff in it’s own defaults, it seems safer that way.

A fresh installation of C6 (no other Steinberg product installed). No optional choice for Halion Sonic SE content here too, but well for Halion Sonic and Halion Sonic Orchestra. Have not installed the Grand SE.


On Steinbergs FAQ they say to use a alias or shortcut

I was wondering the same thing. When I’m ready to uninstall C5, will it mess up C6 owing to shared resources?

OK, so I started the installer again… First screen is the Welcome screen (“Welcome to the Cubase 6 Setup program”). Click “Customize”:
Next you get the choice of components to install (everything’s already installed now on my PC):
Click on the Customize button next to Halion Sonic SE:
Finally, click “Browse”. For some reason he created another VSTsound subfolder under the VSTsound folder… Probably my fault.

It’s not only a fiddly work around it’s dangerous too. It may work for the present, but at the latest with the next update of HALion Sonic SE or its content you will run in massive problems.
You are able to define a location for the content during the HALion Sonic SE installation process even though you have to be observant and read carefully. Do yourself a favour and let the Installer handle it for you.
:wink: Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.


OK, I goofed at the Browse button … of all places! Incredible, of all places! I must have done this thing a thousand times and with great precision but as soon as I write a little [tip of the day] hahaha! :laughing: Aw, wtf!

Somebody maybe noticed something important so it wasn’t all bad! :sunglasses:

Arrgh… the customize button (I missed this one) :wink:


Has Steinberg given any standard procedure for this anywhere? :confused: