[TIP WANTED]: What kind of Key Macros do you use?

Hi all,

Cubase has some very sophisticated key commands configurable and I just looove the way I can do stuff with my keyboard instead of using the mouse.

Anyways, I’m interested in using macros but the huge problem is, that I cannot come up with any ideas about useful macros :smiley: :smiley: Darn, I must be in trouble!! :smiley:

As I know that many of you use macros, are there any kind of hints that you could share with all of us? Meaning the macros that you use yourselves.

It’s a vast warehouse all those different key commands, and I don’t want to start making macros “by force” that I’d never probably even use, but if you got some great ideas, please share yours!!

Thanks in advance.


Seeing as it’s genre specific, might help if you gave some intro and background.

PC or Mac? That may make a big difference in the responses.

I use one for record with pre-roll:
Turn on pre-roll then record then it turn off pre-roll.
The idea is to just use pre-roll in rec mode and to punch in, for exemple.

I’ll post the details later if someone interested.

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Here’s an example of an oddball Macro I use to reverse the Left and Right Locators. On occasion, I have use for this. But more importantly, it gives you an insight into the complexity of constructing a simple function.

I have a couple simple ones I use,

To replace a command removed fro C6:

“Advance Arranger Track”
Arranger: Next Chain Step
Transport: Start

In conjunction with a few Logical Edit presets, creates a dominant chord from the root

“Create Chord”
Process Logical Preset: Add minor 7th
Navigate: Left
Process Logical Preset: Add dim. 5th up