Tip: Working with ties

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I was trying to replicate on my computer today’s Tip from the News in the Dorico application hub and couldn’t replicate “Notes do not need to be adjacent to be tied.” Some one may know how the Engraving Options or another option have to be set?

This is what I get:

This is what I should get:

This is the link to the Dorico Hub News Tip: Working with ties:

Thank you

I’m pretty sure the only difference is that the stems were flipped on the beamed group. Unless I’m missing something?

Click the double beam and press ‘f’ (flip) and it should take care of it. If not try flipping just the first note.

Thank you LSalgueiro and Romanos401,

I tried that already but did not find a way to control the ties. This is what I get.

I think it is great feature. I have a composer that uses that style for all the guitar and vibraphone parts. I spent years doing it in other programs (very tedious) and it never looked as good as it does in Dorico. It has to be a way to do it as simple as in the Tip video.

In Engrave mode, you can select the ties and flip them with F.

That doesn’t work in Write mode because selecting the tie also selects the note and flips the stem, but In the Properties panel you can set the Direction property in the Ties panel.

It’ll be something to do with Engraving Options > Ties, but the video may be using an Engraving Option that’s not available to us users.

Look at this screenshot from last week’s “Discover Dorico” video.

Do you see the “Debug” menu to the right of the “Script” menu? That indicates, to me, that it’s a development build, which may be subtly (or not-so-subtly) different to Dorico 2.2.20.

Thank you Rob,

In the video from Steinberg there is no edits at all, just two clicks.

Well, a few clicks is better than "not being able to do it."You don’t have to edit the shape of the slurs in Dorico, and that is what takes the time in other notation programs.

… thank you Rob, but that is not what Steinberg published as News: Tip. It must be some other options that have to be set

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It could be like the Debug menu in Safari and other apps: just requiring a preference key to be flagged True to enable it.

What does the team say to this?

I think there’s a bit of video magic going on with last week’s #TipsTuesday video. I think what Ant had done is tie the notes, flip the ties as necessary in Engrave mode, then cut them without doing Reset Appearance. Then when he captures selecting the notes and hitting T or clicking the tie button in the toolbox, it uses the tie directions that were previously set.

I see. Thanks for the explanation.

Thank you, Daniel!